Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Barking Breaking news !!!!


  • The kid exported free of cost by our neighbours- "MASTER KASAB" last confessed that he was the one who peed...My message to our neighbours..plz take ur kid back.....because we made him able to do better things than just peeing. (dont ask me extra details :|)
  • After a long term Analysis, lazy billi came to the point that 'Rakhi ka Swayamvar' is actually a show in which Rakhi will choose some guys on basis of nothing(attack) and then those outstanding guy will one by one dump her on basis of everything(counter attack)....(did the above sentence make sense ???)
  • This tym lazy billi is having very-very-terrific-valid excuse reason for her absence..and late updating of blog..Actually she started with a part tym job..yes my first job....boss was not that cruel for 2-3 days but then...SACH KA SAMNA ...
See your innocent baby-lazy blogger is working some sympathy...stop reading....find a rich guy for her......

Exclusively for you:

  • She started jogging...yes .lazy billi started jogging.....Its not that tough man.....see for easy jogging follow the below steps:

step1. Go to park...park should be far cum near your home..
step2.  Find a bench 
step3. Sit ...slouch...droop...yawn..


step4. After half an hour..head back to home sweet home..(again by making use of scooty)
step5. At home try to make best possible tiring face....before your parents..
And say loudly "...Jogging is not that easy..."

  • Birthday time :

Its Syed's senior...Mentor...and gem of a person..
All those who haven't wish him....which is most of you....cmon do that :)

Even BRIAN .....our very own Mad's blog..turned its party time..forgive me..for late update..and enjoy...

luv u all

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Being Amrita......its hard dear...!

O yeah I am alive.....!!
lazy billy alive !

many ppl now ping me ,scrap me or message me like this-
"u still alive??"
"u gone??"

So i decided to come up with a new post, to make all those ppl realize that they are not so lucky,
they have to wait more for my funeral party :|

Lazy billy updates:

Well it has been around 20 days now since i completed my engineering and it has been
around 20 days since i am wondering why i have done so.....
when all my batchmates are damn busy in looking for options to save their future...

I am keeping myself busy with all following things:

1. Pretending that i am very busy,really i am not :|.

2. Giving advices free of cost to my cousins on subjects like-
How to lie your parents.

How to move on
How not to get dumped.
How to pull leg and how to prevent ur ass after doing the same.
After failing terribly from all sides, How to make faces to look innocent.
and last but not the least ...How to waste time effectively....

3. Bugging frnds on gtalk/yahoo/orkut/fb by verses like "i dont have job...u dont have job...and no one have job".....

4. Discussing with parents on topics like : "That dumbo guy dont deserves that job... he/she was lucky..why God doing all this to me ?? why mom ??? why??"...and this is how I try to escape.

5. Eating everything and exercising not at all...(soon i will qualify to look disgusting).

DEFAULT CASE: Sleeping all the time and keep telling oneself - "Ams you worked a lot,go baby sleep a little"

It was the first time for me when people around me abased me and made me realize
how insincere i am..
how lazy i am...and
how deliberately I waste time...( as if i dont know)...

I did handled the situation pretty well...all the way looking coward...

But its fun to be yourself.....
But its hard... :D

wait..i have to leave...someone whining...I guess " Amrita struck on the thirteen floor of the building "

bye folks..
enjoy n tc..