Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Recession and i born together :(

Is amrita a.k.a ~ams is in recession ?????

Why i am going to b a pass-out of batch its not happening news in any way in this downfall situtation...
i dont want to increase my country's unemployements percentage.
I swear upon you :P its not my mistake, its actually and practically my Birth-date flaw !(not going into detail of my birth-date :| still regrets) 
Let me tell u one thing...
What's inferior standing one can have.....
An engg...and that too from IT stream!
its actually like committing crime...the people(specially ur relatives) will ogle at you as if you have done offense less serious than a felony and if you are not yet placed then its felony.
               Some will look at you as if you actually caught delving into your nose and taking out yellowish and black hair mixture glop.
 "recession is in air"
every news channels have the same news...with same Chittambaram named facade:
" world in recession , GDP to fall further"
SENSEX -- down
NASDAQ --  down
NSE --down
BSE -- down
And if you know some other stock exchanges then they r also down...n if not then ' wait n watch' they ll b soon ....
Now a days R-factor ,downfall,meltdown are d HOT topics for discussion.To my surprise my neighbour Rathor Aunty whom i never heard gossiping other than Saas-bahu serials and sarees was also talking about the stock market !
but still u know Rathor aunty is sweet yaar . She pampered me after the outcome of US Elections and said ""Obama aa gaya hai beta sabh thik ho jayega"".
As if Obama is coming to recruit in my college.

Lets learn more about Recession-
"In economics, the term recession generally describes the reduction of a country's GDP for at least two quarters. The usual dictionary definition is "a period of reduced economic activity", a business cycle contraction."
guess wat ! yes, tats our own wikipedia....who itself is asking for funds needs you yar  "Donate now..".

i dont want to know what recession....why recession... and.... how come recession its all fucking annoying!
for final year engg student like me its actually like -----In the middle of sea on 'canoe without paddles to propel' and sometime feel even like without canoe when galoot and kook ppl around you who even mug up interview questions get through.

Interview questions now a days are like-
HR: where you see urself after 2 years
Student:Sir,at my home waiting for my offerletter

and with this Christmas Limerick also has changed:

 "jingle bells, jingle bells
 recession all the way
 naukari-chaukari nahi milegi,
 betu kuch bhi kar le :P "  

Monday, December 22, 2008

Movie making us feel Sorry !

sorry for delayed reviews  but  i m still in trauma due to this film:

   First thing what i did after cming out the movie hall is...

started my 'sorry-giving' speech (even though speech was not mapped out but still my latent feel for movie bust out n sway me to do so):

herez  monologue :
Sorry Bhai (real + cousins :P)!
Sorry Dad !
Sorry Mom!
Sorry Di !

n sorry to each n every person related to my clan's virtual estate...
frm which,  i have factually wasted 120 bucks..
n tats  not all ...order of the day was :
120 bucks (for ticket) + 50 bucks (for popcorn n stuff) + 20 bucks (for parking my scooty) 

dont go for it :|....sit at home n watch Ekta kapoor's  daily soap serials instead..
i guess i m not sounding lyk maverick!
n u will all agree wit me..

my reaction: 
In the first half of the movie only i ask God to grant me a wish so that i can kill Onir(Director of the film) n plug both the actors...Sharman Joshi  (the bhai) n Sanjay Suri (the 'small bhai who said sorry' as he done misdeed by making a pass on his bhai's GF)..
Chitrangada Singh(Bhabhi of both the bros) was okaish ,can be endured... so no comment on her 

music : Trust me ......Himesh's surooooooooooooooor is far more better than this.

Act : Crap..all actors were in the same tizzy mode (i guess even they r unable to puzzle out the moment of film 'as their r none' :|).

Conclusion : I use to take catnap between the boring film.but Sorry bhai was atypical case, it made me fall asleep.
It is only giving you moral :
----to make pass on your bro's gf tats it(for boys) 
----Get flat on your would be's Bro , 'make sure younger to him'(for girls)
.....n this you can actually do without watching it.

Avoid it.Pathetic movie.The Suspence remains till the end n even after watching.....
n even if you are going for it then carry a blanket n cushion wit u. And yes dont forget to prepare your sorry-giving speech. ;-)

That's all from my side.
Do comment.
bye folks.
enjoy n tc :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Follow it r not...ur choice!


here cms my first post-

i m here epitomize my fancy wrk.....lyk many others....
but none lyk others  ll give u some choices..

.....u can b in luv wit my blog..
....u can even crave to have urs lyk this ....
....u can comment wat  ever u feel...(remember ur  mom always say b +ve )
....if u dont want to read it then no probs i promise i ll not feel bad at all... :P
.....if u read...rem tat it was urs choice ...dnt blame me!.....

______________oK NoW___________

at kickoff of my blog...i do wanna introduce my self..

my funde`s..
the very first funda of life is  not ' Do r die '  trust me its corn...but ll say ' do everything wantu want befor u die'

(dont get scared its not my snap :|)

second z..
smile smile smile !!.....
                              hang on dere...not for exercise of ur jaws r not even to make ppl know which toothpaste u use..but to make things lie on dere places.....bcoz....
"One who smiles rather than angers is always stronger" 
n if ur a gal then d job z done ;-)
chick+smile== strongest .....lolz..

see see how she is smiling... :-?

n the last element n the most imp one is
"Dont let anyone impose on u!"... hell r high water ....change,avoid thing u hate n yup...if ucant avoid then enjoy it :P :P

change in the same way as shown in following figure ..but do use ur fav color...dont copy red :|..
(c wat d heck i m sounding lyk a engg book with machines figures....duhhhhhh)

i would hv listed other fundasssssssssssss. down too...but d point z ....a slugge cannot do everything in one day..:P
so next tym i ll b back wit our owns Amitabh's  n Dhoni's *Dabor Honey*    r   hrithik's *bourvita* so as to work hard for this blog..n mentioning more.....

n ya do comment...all ur wisdom thoughts or crap comments r accepted wit jollity :-)

bye folks...
hope soon i ll b 'pen pal' here 
cheers !
enjoy n tc :)