Thursday, September 17, 2009

N.E.W.S == Non-Essential-Worthless-Saga

Are u sure, you want to Kill Ekta kapoor,as she gave us unbearable...
Touch+itching daily soaps...?
Try watching News channels....
specially those who have "BREAKING NEWS" for 24hrs...u will surely change ur mind and
will shoot this channel ppl first...

Some days before..I was sitting in a restaurant..and watching some hindi news channel...they kept on repeating their
"5 min mai hoga pardha fash.."
"5 min mai hoga sacchai ka samna"
"5 min...."
"5 min...."
and they continued this crap for another 20 mins.
What the heck??

My message to them....
If you cannot give us some sensible news...then plz give us one thing..what we need and what only you can provide: Your Absence

Do they smear their face with soot before showing all this?

why they feel common man wants uncommon news???

Yeah its a truth that everyone is not intelligent like me (I insist you, to agree on this :P)
to differentiate-between-Fake-and-Real News...but then what about those who cant???
someone told me, illiteracy rate in India is high.....then these ppl can compile any news in any sense
...but then who cares??

Now a nephew prefer Watching News channels than cartoon network...y??obviously bcoz they are more entertaining and contain more interesting virtual crap....and Breaking News like:

"lizard will crawl up or down??"
"will she go left or turn right??"
and even they showed footage of some best possible horribly bad looking lizard...!
bang on!!! Is this something to be shown on television???
I mean, Man why would we want to know in which direction a lizard wants to go??

Anyways..if any small kid at ur home doing the same..then plz Stop them if you don't want their mental growth be stunted!

But then my doubt is who is responsible for all this???
whom should we blame??

-For Their High TRP's.
-or the Media people .

you know what due to these channels...we also dropped our plan of buying tata now there is no need for recording serials
if missed any..NEWS channels are there..they show all the episodes..yes repeat telecast..many times...
So even without Tata Sky our life is Jhingalala....

Daily soaps...comedy shows...
what next??

P.S: You all might me wondering....y i updated my blog so soon.well avai yar.....for a change :P..

love you all...
enjoy n tc