Friday, February 20, 2009

What the ____?????

What the F !

I repeated this dialogue 16 times a day.Did I counted?yes i did..
but these was only my emotions after all Heebie-jeebies.....
Life is Like taking beard out of  deer..

How would have Ramalinga Raju felt after being caught and when SEBi people asked him to calculate all the fraud without any computer help. Without any payroll system !
not that delightful  i  suppose.... Even i was almost in the same caveat this week.....

So called last annual event of my engg life  and not able to take part in dance competition or any hell competition....and adding to the fuel.....was watching absolute Dope ass..bumpkin... and people with worstttttt dancing sense, dancing ( Actually  PT) on the stage and  hardly moving their body parts other than hands and for a change sometimes legs.

Got fret between me and my friend and even with mom without any reason.

I managed to screw up my scholarship exam,which i suppose to  get through.  

Got badly hit by volley ball and got crack hand with free  bandage wrapped on it.
But chuck all ...Fighting fit now !

But still Murphy law ruled this time also :

Everthing goes wrong all at once !

P.S.  I tried my level best to enjoy my annual Fest  ! Everything bad turned ok-ok now .
Because of my cracked half working hand i was not able to comment and visit your blogs. Spare me for that !
Bye folks!
enjoy n TC !

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crushed Crushes !

It was in class 2nd when Miss Jolly taught me a statement -
Alpha version : ALL Indians are our brothers and sisters
                                             The innocent baby Amrita in blue tunic noted this in her four-line copy with natraj pencil and mused up with question, then why Raksha bandhan is not our national fest..????
It was in class 6th when my bestie Misha told me Miss Jolly is not updated with the facts and figures and quoted the updated version of  statement
Beta version : ALL Indians are our brother and sister Except ONE or SOME 
                                         National fest got change and all other things got in vain..but thanks to her  otherwise my mental growth could be stunted !
Time flied..i didnt even notice tic tac of clocks...Everything got changed ,the dancing hero-heroine around the trees and in between sunflowers farms now relocated to bed directly.Gossiping with locutions Dumped ,patch-up,break-up ,time pass...all ripen common and eye-catching. And with this all changes I realize that both the statements by Miss Jolly and Misha are wrong-headed.

And the actually statement is :
GAMMA version ?? : AT MOST 2 or 3 Indians (though nationality is optional) can be your brother and sister and REST ALL are your competitor.
Oops, If you are taking word  'competitor'  in a wrong way then take it because that is only what I mean.

Believe me having platonic relationship and boyfriend like saint wont make any sense. Have crush list either. Mine is here.

One of the clean shaved player in Indian team and once my dream boy ;-).If LOVE is blind,dumb,muffled then it can also be slow.

Yes Dravid was my slow crush. Only player in our team who gives you plenty of time to sleep between the two single runs .I Love sleeping and so Dravid. But then one day he got married to a doctor and I regretted myself as an engineer. Thus clean shave crush got crushed . 


It was really fault of my GD lecturer who told me to watch news channels and to be updated.Innocent me turned on NDTV 24x7 the best news channel and got my new crush.Journalist Shreenivasan jain.So brilliant in this show bombay talkies .Love the way he narrates. But strange I got placed. Quit that GD class and NDTV  changed to MTV.

Spunky RANVIJAY(Roadies Host) :

In Roadies other than Cat fights,squabbling youngsters,F word,malleable moral,slangs and all stuff what I enjoyed the most is Ranvijay.Smart,tough,dark and sexy. What else you want.He got everything and I mean everything when i say everthing. His eyebrow piercing is something seductive. If I had been there among 
the girls in spiltsvilla.Then I am sure I would had dumped both the dull-witted boys and chose Ranvijay. 

I discover him wild.uhhhhhh..i mean I seen him first on discovery channel in the show Man vs Wild and so i discovered him wild.Taste the pun. Ultimate survivor. Risks his own life.X-treme.killing.And yes I love him.I am ready to be his "Soutan or Saheli". Ready to form love triangle with him and his wife .And ready on one leg to crush-mush my whole life. He didnt hide anything from me :P. I know He eats arachnids,deadly spiders, lizards, sheep's eyeball, camel's flesh and all bullshit.But i have no problem.look on the positive aspect. By this he is actually making me free from daily cooking work  :P.                                                                                                                            
  These are few of my best crushes. Many are there Enrique Iglesias, Faran Aktar, the boy next door neighbour,one of my senior and blah blah blah......but to write down all is not possible so please co-operate :P.

P.S. : Dont follow any policy like First come first serves and all.Its all bullshit.Trust me chuck all options, choose the hottest and coolest one.Paramount is to be make oneself Happy.
Take my advice Having Crushes are always reliable and easy. And Mild to handle.

So folks..
Enjoy Crushes and  get Crushed....
bye and Tc