Thursday, May 7, 2009

Missing me na???

I know you are missing me that too badly :P......say yes...say say.... (blink blink):P...
and those who are not missing me....hmmmmm..ll c u soon... X-(
terribly,horribly and mentallybusy with project work, my project partners are not doing their work seriously (duhuu to them)...they were studious when i decided to become their partner...I thought they will do all the work and i will supervise it :P:P...but they turned a supervisor to a worker :( and the next reason is mid semssss(which comes in the mid of the sem and gives long lasting pain) and as usual my laziness syndrome..

will be back soon after my internals ....
Till then keep missing me on regular basis...:)
love you all..
enjoy n tc folks..
P.S: when i ask you u missing me..say YES,bcoz its compulsory...